Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skylight Makes Dry n Healty Bathroom

Bathroom design most be forgotten,also for the location for the bathroom,Bathroom as a room service are offten forgotten.
The bathroom are most of them are wet area,so that possible to nest germs bacteria and fungi.Adequate lighting and good air circulation good for your bathroom.
Beside the window you can also use skylight to incorporate sunlight into the bathroom,especially when the bathroom was in the middle of the house or building.

Friday, April 30, 2010

make your dining room comfortable

the dining room is an alternative method chatting areas create suitable atmosphere create a space that can be accepted by all members family..
In addtion between the dining room with space beside it was deliberately not given a massive limit.High level difference and if you order the furniture that was enough to "limit" fuction of each space..
by: yuri eldhiyanti
picture : IDEA/ Richard Salampessy

Monday, April 26, 2010

Try to combine colour to your kitchen set n of of them is orange like the picture..
it's sure make your kitchen room bright n live..
so get try it..
pic:IDEA/Dean Martin Saerang

sun kissed interior

First poin that room must be desain or make room like this, sun light must the most important element..all u must do is make sure sun light max in at that room..
now we talk abaout create warm room n sun spirit you must take colour like yellow or orange..
next step is that you must make that room natural,it's great if your room nearly from your home garden..
pic : IDEA/ Dean Martin Saerang
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