Friday, April 30, 2010

make your dining room comfortable

the dining room is an alternative method chatting areas create suitable atmosphere create a space that can be accepted by all members family..
In addtion between the dining room with space beside it was deliberately not given a massive limit.High level difference and if you order the furniture that was enough to "limit" fuction of each space..
by: yuri eldhiyanti
picture : IDEA/ Richard Salampessy


  1. suasana yang nyaman dan asri... dak keberatan, khan klo q komen pake bhs ibu kita... yap, ini adalah kunjungan saya yg pertama...

    oia, q jg punya blog berbhsa Inggris

    salam by Kodzan

  2. Nice windy dining room... okay, my friend, nice visiting your blog, success to you...

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