Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skylight Makes Dry n Healty Bathroom

Bathroom design most be forgotten,also for the location for the bathroom,Bathroom as a room service are offten forgotten.
The bathroom are most of them are wet area,so that possible to nest germs bacteria and fungi.Adequate lighting and good air circulation good for your bathroom.
Beside the window you can also use skylight to incorporate sunlight into the bathroom,especially when the bathroom was in the middle of the house or building.


  1. Mestinya pertama komen dech gan

  2. yes this is a good idea but i don't like to be sitting on it to pooh in a broad daylught where i will be exposed to the heat of the sun. maybe there is mechanism to shut off the heat of the sun, too

  3. nice.....
    but there somthing wrong with the plastic stuff that hangging there...

  4. i like it but some thing should not be here

  5. I really want to install it if I can open and close it :)

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  7. wah , pemandangan bilik mandi yang menarik ,

  8. It's a good idea of using sunlight to brighten the bathroom.

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